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Forum How To

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Navigating -

Login and Registration is located at the top right corner of the page.
After your logged in you will see Notifications, Private Messages, and your User Menu instead of Log In and Registration at the top right.

The Top Right Grey Header Menu is where you will find Your Posts, New Posts, Unread Posts, Unanswered Topics and Active Topics.
In the Bottom Left Green Header Menu you will find FAQs, Downloads, and other useful pages. Your menu may look different depending on your access levels.
The FAQ is for Frequently Asked Questions and goes in depth on the entire Forum Bulletin Board system.
Download is where you will find links to the latest version of 3DESIGN software.

Use the Breadcrumbs Menu right below the header to navigate between categories and back to the Main Index.

Global Announcements -
These are a quick way for us to communicate with all of you. This green box will appear with new announcements as soon as you log in. Once you've read the announcement you can leave it view-able or hit the X in the corner to dismiss it. Dismissed announcements are gone forever.

Collapsible Categories -
Categories in the main index and sub-categories can be collapsed or expanded using the + or - in the corner of the category heading.
This allows you to minimize categories you don't want to see.

User Control Panel -
Click your name in the right corner to access your user control panel. This is where you can edit your Profile and Signature and upload an Avatar picture. This Avatar picture shows up next to your username wherever you post and should be appropriate following the forum rules.

Languages -
Users can choose their language during registration or inside the User Control Panel under Board Preferences.
The forum supports the following languages:
Note: This only changes the forum system languages, it will not translate Categories, Posts, or Pages written in English.

Posting -

Select the forum category you would like to post to.

To Create a New Topic simply hit the Image button either at the top or bottom of the category listing.
To Reply to a post, hit the Image button at either the top or bottom of the post.
To Quote from another post, use the quote button in the right corner of that users post.
To Edit your post, click the edit button in the right corner of your post.
To Report a post as inappropriate use the Report Post button in the right corner of that users post.
To Delete your post (not all posts can be deleted and not all members have this option) press the delete button.
Note: You may not see the same icons here depending on your access level.

Marking Topics as Solved -

A forum user can mark a topic they started as solved. This will only be available in community support sections of the forums.

Click the "Accept this answer" link located next to the edit and delete buttons of the reply that best gives the solution to your question.
The topic will show Solved next to the title as well as the reply you chose to accept.
Note that there is no icon on this button like the others, This is a known issue with the plug in and will be fixed once that is updated.

Clicking the link which now says "Set topic as unsolved" will remove the Solved and you can choose a different reply if you wish.
Note: Admins and Moderators can mark posts as solved. If more than one answer is given accept the first best answer given.

Once a post is solved others may continue to add to the conversation, but if you have an unrelated issue you should start a new topic.
A "Thank you" reply is also good forum etiquette and will help everyone know the solution worked.

Post Tools -

At the top of a post next to the post reply button you will find a Tools Menu Image

Subscribe Topic - Receive notifications about Posts/Topics whenever new replies are added.
Bookmark Topic - Mark the post to be read or updated later. View and manager your Bookmarks in your User Control Panel.
Email Topic - Email a copy of the post to another user or yourself.
Print View - Displays the post in a clean view for printing.

Attaching Images -
  • After creating a new topic or replying to a post. Click the Attachments tab right below the text window.Image
  • Click Image
  • Select your image(s) from your computer. You can add more than one image at once.
  • Once the image is uploaded you can place the image into the post by placing your cursor where you want the image to be and click the Image button.
Images will automatically be sized and viewers can click the image to bring it up full size.
If you get a message that the image is too large, it's either due to file size or maximum image size.
Reduce it in your favorite photo editor and try uploading again.

You can also use this method for attaching other documents including 3DESIGN Files (VTF).

Embedding Videos -

Simply copy the web address (URL) of your video and paste it into your post. If it is in a supported format like YouTube it will automatically embed in your post.
For Vimeo and other sites that do not embed automatically wrap them in the media tag.
Be sure to follow the forum rules when posting videos and sharing private or unlisted videos is expressly forbidden on this forum.

Emoji 😁👍😍

To use emoji in your posts:

Phone/Tablet - If you are on a mobile device use the emoji button on your keyboard as normal.

Windows 10 - Use the on screen keyboard. Click the Image in your taskbar next to the clock. If you do not see the keyboard icon, Right-Click the taskbar and check "Show touch keyboard button". Using the onscreen keyboard press Image . You can now type your emoji into your post.

MacOS Sierra+ -
From the browser Edit menu choose "Emoji & Symbols" or simply press Control-Command-Spacebar.

Forum Information Icons
Next to each section in the forums index you will see icons that give some information about that section. Hover over any icon to see what it means.

Note that there are 4 types of sections:
Announcements - These are from Admins and give important information about the forum, the software, websites or social media.
Forum - Each section within the forums is also called a forum or you can think of these as categories such as Hardware, Show your Work, Tips and Tricks, etc.
Sticky - These are Topics that have been marked as semi-permanent, they get moved to the top of the topic list. Admins and Moderators can sticky a topic if deemed relevant to all users.
Topics - Each Forum or category has multiple topics, these are created by everyone and should contain one theme per topic. If you want to add to a topic, just reply to the original. The text within the topic and each reply is called a post.

Here is a chart showing what each icon means.
Note that items you have read are grayed out, while anything you haven't read is marked red.
A lock means the item cannot accept replies or new topics.
A star means it's your item and you can edit the item.

Download a PDF of this page -